Welcome to Vågan Feriegård, Norway!

On the idyllic island Linesøya at the coast of  Trøndelag (Norway), agriculture is the main source of income. There are around 80 residents. The island is approximately 17 sq. km. Ancient settlements show that there has been people living here since the Stone Age. Through the ages, the inhabitants have mainly lived on fishing combined with agriculture. Around the island there are very good fishing spots with different fish species.

Welcome to Vågan Holiday Resort!
Marit and Arne Hansen

Fishing by tourists in Norway

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Linesøya has an extremely rich and varied bird and plant life. A small hut has been built with a location facing the sea where you can observe various sea and birds of prey. This will be arranged for photography. The hut will open summer 2021.

Birds and animals

Birds, animals and landscapes on Linesøya (Norwegian) (Per Jordhøy)


Peaceful surroundings

Rolige omgivelser

Vågan feriegård is located in quiet surroundings in a beautiful natural landscape. We have a house and a building with three apartments.

It is 15 km to the shop with post. A great shallow beach is about 100 m from the farm. There is also a small natural harbor and it is 3 km to the marina.

Rorbua Kafe/Pub Linesøya

Rorbua Kafe/Pub Linesøya

3 kilometres to a café /pub.
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